How Does Borax Kill Roaches?

How Does Borax Kill Roaches?It’s highly aggravating to have cockroaches in your home. These crawling insects will eat everything they can get their hands on, not to mention the mess they create. Borax is a sodium tetra borate-based active compound.

It’s a mineral that can be found in fruits, plants, and the soil. Borax is such a common mineral that almost every household has at least one product that contains it. Its processed product, boric acid, is used in a variety of applications, including cosmetics, fire retardants, and antifungal compounds.

Boric Acid is used in most cleaning products, such as detergents and cleaning sprays. You’re probably curious how Borax kills cockroaches and whether it’s safe to use. You will learn the biology of how it kills roaches in a short period of time in this article. While it is poisonous to cockroaches and other crawling insects, it has little effect on humans.

How Borax Kills Roaches


Cockroaches are naturally attracted to Borax. The roaches, on the other hand, can absorb the chemical by using a mix of other baiting materials. It’s a white substance that threatens the digestive system and destroys the exoskeleton until ingested.

When the roach attempts to clean up, the paste sticks to its body and legs, and it ingests the Borax. The substance enters the roaches’ digestive tract and dehydrates them. Cockroaches don’t have a lot of water in their bodies by nature. As a result, they easily become dehydrated and die after ingesting Borax.

The sodium in Borax can also pass through the roach’s skin and into its body, where it attacks the nervous system and causes the roach to become sluggish and ultimately die.

How to Make roach killer with Boric Acid

Boric Acid is a refined Borax compound. The word acid can conjure up images of a hazardous material that can cause damage. This is not true for humans, but it is true for crawling insects like roaches. Boric acid does not attract cockroaches, but if a lure is used, they will eat it and die.

As long as they eat the chemical, you can do it with any bait. Sugar is the most popular bait. Cockroaches are attracted to sweet stuff, so everything sweet serves as the ideal meal for them, and that’s how you get them. You can also substitute syrup for sugar.

Roach Recipe with Boric Acid and Sugar

Making this recipe is one of the most straightforward and cost-effective pest-control methods available. All of the ingredients can be found at your nearest hardware store. If you can’t find Boric Acid in your local supermarket, you could try the hardware store.

It’s time to start mixing now that you’ve gathered all of the ingredients. Boric acid and sugar are mixed in a 1:1 ratio. For example, if you use a spoonful of sugar, the Boric Acid should be a spoonful as well.

Mix the two ingredients together until they are uniformly distributed. Ascertain that the surface you’re working on is dry and free of moisture. To avoid wasting ingredients, just combine the amount you need. Mind that you’re trying to capture roaches, so use just a small amount of the mixture, or the roaches will escape it completely.

Another ingredient to combine with Boric Acid is liquid syrup, which can be mixed in equal parts. It’ll transform into a paste, which you can use to set the trap with. When boric acid is combined with water, it loses its potency. As a result, keep it cool and dry, ideally in a closed container out of reach of children.

How to Eliminate Roaches with Boric Acid Powder

As previously mentioned, the only way to destroy roaches is to consume boric acid or to get the sodium in boric acid absorbed into the body. As a consequence, use the recipe above to produce the ideal roach bait.

Place the mixture in the roaches’ travel lanes so that it begins working on them as soon as they come into contact with it. Static electricity adheres to the roaches’ bodies and legs as they pass around the compound. They’ll try to clean themselves by licking the powder until they get back to their hiding place.

Boric acid is also used in industrial pesticides, and it has the same effect. The acid destroys the roach’s digestive system and exoskeleton, killing it gradually. Other cockroaches will start feeding on the dead roach until it’s dead, and they’ll die the same way.

Even if you don’t see the dead roaches, after a week, you’ll find a substantial reduction in their numbers. When they eat the bait, they bring some back to their nests, where they are eaten by other roaches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easier to use Borax or Boric Acid to eliminate roaches?

Boric Acid is a refined Borax compound. Both of them are good at killing roaches, but Boric Acid is the most effective. Insecticides sometimes use boric acid as the active ingredient.

To kill roaches, how much borax and sugar do you need?

It just takes a small amount of the mixture to kill roaches. When the roach walks through the compound, it will try to clean up by licking the chemical off its fur. This is sufficient to destroy the cockroach.

How long does boric acid take to kill roaches?

Once the roach has eaten enough boric acid, it will die in around three days. It takes a long time to work, but it is very successful.

What is the mechanism by which borax powder kills roaches?

Borax powder can be used to destroy roaches by combining it with sugar. The sugars serve as a lure, and the Borax threatens the digestive system and exoskeleton until the cockroach eats it. It causes the roach to become dehydrated, and it ultimately dies.


When cockroaches pay you a visit, they can be a real pain. They arrive uninvited and always make a mess in your home. Pest control facilities are costly, and your home will be polluted with toxic chemicals as a result of the exercise.

Using boric acid, also known as Borax, is a cost-effective way to stop employing a pest control company. The necessary ingredients are readily available, and you can get started at any time.

Since Borax is not a harmful chemical that can affect humans and the environment, this activity is environmentally friendly. The findings may take some time to show, but they are highly successful in managing and eradicating an infestation.

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