How to Get Rid of Non-Biting Midges

If you live near a large body of water, such as a pond, or marsh, you’ve probably seen these annoying insects.

Midges that do not bite do not provide a direct health risk, but they can make life unpleasant. These midges do not spread disease, but they can emerge in enormous swarms, making life miserable.

They irritate a lot of people that come across them.

As a result, the following instructions will show you how to get rid of non-biting midges. You have a lot of alternatives here, and it’s best to be well-informed in order to get the greatest outcomes.

This begins with determining what these flies are and how to get rid of them, among other things.

How to Get Rid of Non-Biting Midges


Non-biting midges are also known as chironomids, and they are commonly found around vast amounts of water. Because they resemble mosquitoes but do not bite, they are often known as “blind mosquitoes.”

You need to get rid of them since they have the potential to multiply and become numerous. Even if these insects don’t bite, they might buzz over your home and give your visitors the wrong impression.

The good news is that you can control these pesky insects using a variety of DIY methods. They are simple to use and may be tailored to meet your individual requirements.


How to Get Rid of Non-Biting Midges: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are a few basic strategies for getting rid of non-biting midges listed below. You’ll notice that some of these techniques are comparable to those used to control pets in the past. They are as follows:

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1. Set up CO2 Biting Insect Traps

A CO2 trap (Carbon Monoxide trap) is a device that can be used in open outdoor locations to assist control mite populations. The majority of them are attracted to humans because they are looking for food, such as decaying fruit. The bug inside the trap is captured by the trap’s specific apertures.

A sticky substance is usually present on the inside of the trap, which aids in the capture of midges. While CO2 traps are most effective against mosquitoes, they also perform well against a variety of flies. The only thing that matters is that you install them in the proper spot and refill the CO2 supplies on time.

midges swarm

2. Install Mesh Screens of Various Sizes

Consider adding a unique fixture to the window instead of adopting the typical open-space window design. A little mesh screen works well for this since it helps to trap non-biting midges as they try to enter your home.

While it may not be a foolproof method, you may incorporate it into your routine to keep them at bay. The mesh screens, like the CO2 traps, must be installed in the proper area.

It will assist them in trapping the midge insects more effectively. The beautiful thing about them is that you may acquire useful ones for doors and windows without having to change the construction much.

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3. Use a repellent to keep insects away.

The tried-and-true method of getting rid of bugs! You can choose from a variety of insect repellants, including ones that are effective against non-biting midges.

Never enter a place that still smells like insect repellant. Allow at least one hour for the bug repellant to wear off before proceeding. It’s a simple but effective method for getting rid of midge flies in the house.

You can also hire a home maintenance company to help you sanitize hard-to-reach spots in your house. These can be very effective at getting rid of midge fly larvae in large homes.

swarm of midges

4. Invest in a Strong Air Conditioner

When it comes to getting rid of such insects, a strong air conditioner works wonders. The vacuum that the air conditioner creates in the air sucks up the insects and releases them to the outside.

It can also make insects uncomfortable in confined indoor spaces. A little air conditioner, on the other hand, can still operate if it is carefully placed to cover the entire room.

So, if someone asks how to get rid of midge flies in an aquarium, suggest using an air conditioner. Why? It’s the ideal technique to get rid of these pests indoors without putting toxic chemicals near your fish.

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5. Modifications to Lighting

Consider changing the lighting structures on your property if you reside near a water feature, such as a pond or a lakefront town.

LED lights have been demonstrated to be effective deterrents for night-flying insects in studies.

In comparison to fluorescent and metal halide lighting fixtures, they are superior. When using LED lighting to get rid of midge flies, here are some useful hints:

Floodlights should be avoided because they are powerful and can cause annoyance to neighbors as well as vision problems.

Learn about local lighting regulations – your state or county undoubtedly has a few lighting regulations that you should be aware of.

Keep track of your energy costs – bright lighting may put a significant dent in your wallet, so keep track of your energy expenses.

midges under light

6. Enhance Your Landscaping

Most insects like densely forested areas with plenty of litter or rotting food, as well as moist conditions. As a result, you contemplate upgrading your landscaping.

The major reason for this is to help limit the chances of insects spreading throughout your property. What if a homeowner inquires about how to get rid of midge flies in the garden?

In order to get rid of flies, here are a few landscaping suggestions:

Cut down bushes – flies thrive in bushes because they have small areas in which to lay eggs and are frequently moist.

Get rid of any undesired pools of water – water, particularly stagnant water, is the principal home for non-biting midge flies. So, for additional information on how to get rid of midge flies in wastewater treatment, keep reading.

They like to eat rotten food and sugary substances, thus strategically placing rubbish is important. As a result, correctly control trash placement.

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Insects can have a variety of negative effects on the quality of life at home. It’s critical to be able to control them with the right tools.

We’ve looked at a few of the most effective methods for getting rid of non-biting midge flies.

While this list isn’t thorough, it’s a great approach to broaden your bug control horizons.

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