How To Keep Roaches Away While You Sleep

The idea of cockroaches crawling all over your bed is not only unsettling, but also revolting. Roaches are disgusting little creatures that no one wants in their home, let alone in their bed.

While roaches are a common species around the world, they frequently penetrate our most personal locations. They prefer to procreate in filthy environments and rely on food particles and a dirty habitat to thrive.

Despite the fact that roaches do not bite, they can elicit feelings of fear and disgust. Inhaling the skin and feces of these obnoxious creatures can also aggravate asthma or create allergic reactions.

How To Keep Roaches Away While You Sleep


Roaches can easily climb onto your bed and slither on you as you sleep, as you are aware. They don’t like beds, but they do prefer places where there are food waste. As a result, make an effort to keep your bed clean and avoid eating in it.

There are various preventative actions you may take to keep roaches out of your bedroom. However, if you believe you have a roach infestation, there are a few things you can do before calling a pest control company.

How Can You Keep Cockroaches At Bay While You Sleep?

Keeping roaches outside is the easiest approach to keep them out of your bedroom and away from your bed. You will only be able to keep them out if you keep your bedroom tidy. Let’s have a look at some easy yet effective ways to keep cockroaches out of your bedroom.

1. Keep your bedrooms clean on a regular basis.

Cockroaches are attracted to filth and grime because they are continuously looking for new food sources. The simplest approach to keep roaches at bay is to keep your bedroom clean at all times.

Begin by cleaning your bedroom thoroughly. Dusting, washing the floor, scraping the cardboard, removing any old paper, socks tucked beneath the bed, and so on are all examples of what you should do. Keep things off the floor, put filthy clothing in the hamper, and so forth.

The reason for this is that roaches prefer hiding places and will consume objects like books and old socks to survive if they are forced to. Cockroaches will have no motive to penetrate your bedroom if you eliminate these objects.

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2. In your bedroom, close all the doors and windows.

Look for any possible access points and seal them off as soon as feasible. This includes, among other things, small gaps on your skirting board, cracks in your bedroom wall, and open spaces between your window sills. Use an appropriate plaster to fill up the gaps.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, talk to your landlord if you’re renting. You can engage a qualified handyperson to help you if you are the owner.

3. The Use of Gel Baits

Gel baits are another wonderful approach to keep roaches away while you sleep. Killing these nasty creatures may sound barbarous, but cockroaches can cause major problems if left unchecked.

Gel-based cockroach bait is an excellent approach to permanently eliminate roaches. Gel baits are not only efficient, but they are also safer than insecticides. Cockroaches are attracted to gel baits because they believe they are food. They either die right away or slither back to their hideouts and perish there after consuming the gel.

A single dead cockroach can kill up to 30 cockroaches. What’s the matter? Roaches eat their deceased friends, swallowing the poison and dying in the process. It’ll only be a matter of time before your bedroom is clean of roaches if this cycle continues.

Simply spray the gel into small crevices, nooks, and cracks in the walls where these cockroaches hide, then sit back and relax while the gel does its job.


4. Do not eat in your bedchamber.

Roaches are attracted to food crumbs, which is probably the only reason they’re in your room. One simple approach to keep roaches away at night is to never eat anything in your bedroom, particularly in your bed.

Yes, we understand how relaxing a morning breakfast in bed can be! However, if you want to avoid cockroaches while sleeping, you must quit providing breakfast in bed. Because when you eat in bed, you run the danger of leaving food crumbs that attract roaches.

If at all feasible, eat in the dining room or kitchen, and be careful to clean up after yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Leaving the lights on deter roaches?

Light does not frighten roaches, contrary to popular belief. While most cockroach species prefer darkness, others like light and can be spotted crawling on television screens and windows late at night. The majority of night-time pests will vanish as soon as you turn on your lights. All of this scattering, however, has nothing to do with light and everything to do with their distrust of humanity.

So, will leaving the lights on keep the roaches at bay? That’s an emphatic No!

Is it possible for roaches to crawl into your mouth while you’re sleeping?

For starters, there’s no incentive for a cockroach to want to climb into your mouth while you’re sleeping, therefore the chances of this happening are quite slim. However, these nasty critters have occasionally found their way into the mouths of sleeping people.

There is a theory that roaches are drawn to the milk-like breath from a baby’s mouth, albeit this has no scientific evidence.

Is there more than one roach if I see one?

Though controversial, seeing one roach, especially during the day, can indicate that you have a full-blown infestation on your hands, and you must act quickly. Cockroaches are nocturnal pests that prefer to stay out at night. If you notice a roach, it’s likely that the nest is overcrowded. They can’t all fit in one nest, so they’re on the lookout for a new place to call home.

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Last Thoughts

Roaches can be a nuisance, but the best approach to keep them out of your bedroom at night is to be proactive and prevent them from entering in the first place. Keep everything neat, from the strewn clothes to the kitchen, and don’t eat in the bedroom (or, if you do, make sure you clean up after yourself).

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