How to Prevent Mosquito Bites While Sleeping at Home

Is the following scenario familiar to you?

You go into bed, tucking yourself into a warm duvet in the hopes of falling asleep sooner. However, as soon as you close your eyes, the buzzing and biting sound of mosquitoes distracts you from your desire to sleep.

I’m sure you understand. Not to mention that, while mosquito bites are common, particularly during the summer, they can be a nuisance on hot nights.

Fortunately, there are steps of how to prevent mosquito bites while sleeping at home. The best thing is that the suggested cures are always effective 100 percent of the time.

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How to Prevent Mosquito Bites While Sleeping at Home

Here are some excellent methods for keeping mosquitoes away from your bed at any time of day:

Remedy #1: Before going to bed, use a bug repellent lotion.

Bug repellent lotions like 3M Ultrathon and Sawyer SP564 include chemicals that repel mosquito bites effectively.
The most frequent and effective compounds in these lotions are DEET and Picaridin, both of which are entirely safe when used as instructed.
Some lotions, like Greenways 2-in-1, are made entirely of natural components. They’re ideal for sensitive skin in babies, children, and adults.

The effectiveness of these bug repellent lotions varies by brand, with some, such as Sawyer SP564 and 3M Ultrathon, providing up to 12 hours of full protection against mosquito bites.

DEET-containing lotions are safe for nursing mothers, pregnant women, and babies 2 months and older, according to the CDC. Even so, use a lotion with a reduced DEET content for children’s safety, or go for an all-natural insect repellent like the Greenways.

Remedy #2: Sleep in light-colored pajamas

Your preference towards dark colors is very normal. However, if you want to have a good night’s sleep and never have to worry about mosquitoes sucking your blood, it’s advisable to move from dark to light-colored clothing.

Mosquitoes use their heat-sensing antenna to hunt for food, according to scientists, and they’re usually drawn to items that seem like shadows. Dark hues, in other words, attract mosquitoes because they contrast with the horizon. As a result, sleeping in black, crimson, or brown pajamas attracts insects like a magnet.

Again, I wouldn’t recommend sleeping in dark clothing since it traps heat and makes it easier for mosquitoes to bite you.
So, to protect yourself from mosquito bites while sleeping during the hot summer months, you should wear light-colored clothing.

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3. To keep mosquitoes at bay, burn sage, thyme, or citronella oil.

Sage is useful in a variety of ways, not simply in the kitchen. Its lovely aroma can help to create a positive atmosphere in a room, and burning a bundle while sleeping can help to keep insects at bay. When you burn safe, it emits a lovely odor that is repellent to mosquitoes at the same time.

You can apply sage on your skin instead of burning it in a bundle to release its essential oils as you smash the plants. The oil will act as a barrier between you and the mosquitos.

According to studies, sage is around 40% efficient as a mosquito repellant, and you must be near the smoke to benefit.

You can replace sage with thyme, which is also a good cure. Unlike sage herbs, thyme herbs are up to 85% effective at repelling insects, making it a fantastic choice for avoiding bug bites while sleeping.

You can also burn citronella oil, which is a mosquito repellant as well as a tiredness reliever and mood enhancer. Because this essential oil includes compounds that repel mosquitoes, it’s a fantastic substitute for both thyme and sage.

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Remedy #4: Do you have a fan? To keep mosquitoes at bay, turn it on.

Your bedroom fan isn’t just a device that blows a cool breeze. It’s also an excellent device for keeping mosquitoes at bay at night.

Allow me to explain:

Fans move at different speeds, each capable of producing a different wind current. When set to the greatest variable speed, the ceiling fan can provide a strong enough breeze current to naturally repel insects.

Mosquitoes must spend more nutritional energy to power their muscles in order to fly against the wind current generated by ceiling fans. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, lack the energy to fly against such currents, and all mosquitoes are weak flyers by nature, therefore they are unable to endure the force generated by ceiling fans.

As a result, mosquitoes have a hard time thriving in this habitat. So, if you have a fan in your bedroom that is usually turned off, now is the greatest time to turn it on.

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Remedy #5 Sleep under a mosquito net

Mosquito netting are also successful in repelling mosquitoes and thereby preventing insect bites while sleeping, according to research published in the Malaria Journal. A mosquito net that hasn’t been treated should suffice. If you require additional protection, you can purchase insecticide-treated netting.

It’s preferable to invest in a net that will cover your entire bed. At the very least, ensure that there is enough space between the net and your skin. A mosquito won’t be able to bite you if it settles on the net this way.

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FAQ: How to Prevent Mosquito Bites While Sleeping at Home

Should I buy a mosquito net that has been treated or one that has not been treated?

You can buy any, but if you need greater protection, the treated models are a better option.

Is an organic lotion as effective as one with DEET?

Yes, organic bug repellents can help you avoid mosquito bites. Make sure to read the user instructions on the label.

Which style of fan is most effective against mosquitoes?

To keep mosquitoes at bay, you can use any type of fan. It makes no difference whether you have a ceiling fan, a misting fan, a pedestal fan, or a tower fan. Simply select the highest speed setting to create a strong wind current that insects cannot withstand.

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