Plants that Repel Mosquitoes in Florida

In the Florida summer sun, being outside can be enjoyable. Mostly, it’s a great time to light up the grill and invite friends and family over to share in the festivities.

Mosquitoes thrive during this time of year. And you can know that if these annoying, uninvited guests get in the way, the party will be ruined hence the need for this guide on Plants that Repel Mosquitoes in Florida right here in the beach and all over the U.S.

Fortunately, you are in complete command.

To protect yourself from mosquito bites, use bug repellent lotions or drawn-in sprays. You may also get the same results by using the best insect repellent plants both indoors and outdoors.

Check out the mosquito-killing plants below and get them planted before the Florida summer sun shines.

Plants that Repel Mosquitoes in Florida


While there are a plethora of bug repellent plants you can plant in your yard to keep mosquitoes at bay, it’s ideal to pick ones that not only smell well but also look beautiful.

Some of the possibilities are listed below.


On many dining tables these days, basil isn’t just a terrific accent to supper meals. It not only adds flavor to salads and pesto sauce, but it also works as an insect repellent because to its pungent odor, which repels all types of mosquitoes.

Whatever sort of basil you choose to plant in your yard, blend into your garden, or position near mosquito entry sites, keep it moist, provide proper drainage, and set it where it will receive enough sunlight.

You don’t need to crash basil plants because their aroma is released naturally from the leaves. Also, the aroma of basil plants is toxic to mosquito larvae, which implies that if placed near standing water, it can inhibit mosquitoes from laying more eggs.

Basil can be grown in a variety of ways. Planting it isn’t the only way to get the most out of it. Basil is an organic mosquito repellent that is suitable for both adults and children. As a result, you can rub it directly on your skin to protect yourself from mosquito bites.


Marigold plants are useful for more than just their aesthetic value. They’re also efficient at repelling pests, so they’re worth considering if you want to keep mosquitoes at bay in Florida during the summer.

You may get the most out of marigold plants by placing them near the most common insect entry sites, such as windows and doors, because they generate a unique aroma that repels mosquitoes. Consider placing the plants on a deck, balcony, or patio, particularly if these are the areas where you spend the most time outside.

The ideal time to grow marigolds is usually in the spring. Planters can be used or the seeds can be planted directly in practically any type of soil.

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Is there any need for an introduction to the lavender plant? It’s the source of an essential oil that can help you sleep better and improve your mood. The plant contains antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it great for soothing and calming your skin.

When it comes to repelling bugs, the lavender plant emits a pungent odor that mosquitoes despise. The lavender plant, specifically, has a chemical called linalool, which is responsible for the development of an odor that is noxious to mosquitoes but pleasant to humans.

Linalool has a comparable effect to DEET, which means it can easily overload mosquito smell organs and repel them on the spot.

Simply plant it in bunches at the entry sites to get the most out of it. You can also buy it as an essential oil and apply it to your skin. You’ll still receive the same result.

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Citronella isn’t something you’ve heard of before. It’s a common element in many plant-based bug repellents, owing to its pungent odor, which mosquitoes despise.

Citronella grows to a height of 5 to 6 feet and can be grown in the ground or in pots as long as there is adequate drainage and sunlight.

It’s still up for dispute whether this plant is particularly efficient at repelling mosquitoes. Established investigations on the plant’s usefulness suggest that it only works to a limited extent.

Even so, even a minimal level of insect repellence is preferable to no protection at all. Citronella can still make a great difference when combined with other plants like lavender and lemongrass.

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Lemon grass


Lemongrass is more than simply a tasty herb to use in salad dressings, soups, and Asian dishes. It’s also a bug repellent since it contains citronella oil, which has a strong odor that mosquitoes can’t stand.

According to this study, the aroma of lemongrass is so potent that it may readily kill or repel nearly all mosquito species.


The wormwood plant, with its velvety appearance and silver green hue, may give flair and tranquility to your backyard and even indoors. This plant creates a perfume that mosquitoes can’t stand, no matter how appealing it appears to human sight.

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FAQs on Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

What are some alternative mosquito-removal options in Florida?

To kill mosquito larvae , start by removing standing water. Check your yard for tall plants, bushes, and grass, then cut them back. Invest in a mosquito misting system if you can, and use it to keep the mosquitoes at bay from night until dawn.

Is citronella a plant that grows in Florida?

Yes, the citronella plant may be grown in Florida. This plant thrives in warm areas, thus it will thrive in South Florida. Also, for the plant to thrive, make sure it has enough sunlight and proper drainage.

In Florida, what time of day are mosquitoes most likely to be active?

Mosquitoes are most active in the early morning. It’s more worse if it rains during this period, because these insects can lay more eggs.

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