Types of House Cockroaches

Do you know of any Types of House Cockroaches? Most people consider roaches to be the most repulsive of all the bugs, second only to bedbugs. Cockroaches come in over 4500 different varieties around the world. Just a few animals, however, live in homes.

You’d hear words like Domestic and Peridomestic roaches if you asked a pest control company about house cockroaches. Domestic roaches spend their entire lives in houses, while peridomestic roaches can be found both indoors and outdoors.

Types of House Cockroaches

German cockroach

If you see a roach creeping around your home, there’s a good chance there are more hidden or on the way. Perhaps a species or two of house roaches have found their way into your home. To effectively handle cockroaches, you must first recognise the type of cockroach.

Domestic cockroaches

These roaches are tropical and prefer wet, moist environments. Their metabolism doesn’t allow them to withstand the cold that winter brings. As a result, they seek out areas in the house that are colder.

Domestic roaches come in two varieties. Because of the abundance of food and favorable environmental conditions, this species only lives in houses with humans. The two styles are as follows:

• German roaches 

• Brown-banded roaches

German Roaches

It’s important to remember that just because they’re called German roaches doesn’t mean they came from Germany. Researchers originally thought they originated from Europe, but new research suggests they came from Asia’s southeast.

Allegens developed by German roaches have been linked to asthma attacks. Since they scavenge on almost everything, they are a nuisance in any household. They don’t care if it’s book bindings, food waste, or crumbs.

The scale of the German roach is what separates it from the rest of the roaches. It is much smaller than the majority of cockroaches. They’re also big and smooth, with a distinctive tan brown color.

They can conceal themselves in backpacks and popular household items, making them difficult to detect. They can be conveniently transported to various locations without being noticed. Since a single egg can produce over 30 000 roaches in a year, they multiply quickly.

Brown – Banded cockroach

You could mistake it for a German roach for a moment. Brown Banded Roaches are small, measuring about 13 mm in length for males and 12 mm in length for females. They have a reddish-brownish look and are commonly used in household furniture. This species lives entirely indoors.

They have existed alongside humans for millions of years, and this intimate relationship has the potential to have a huge effect on human health. They hide behind picture frames and furniture cracks. They’re sometimes found in cupboards and under wooden chairs.

It’s difficult to find a Brown-Banded Cockroach infestation. These people are masters of concealment. Check the cabinets, ceiling fixtures, and under tables and seats on a regular basis. You can have a Brown Banded roach infestation if you have black droppings that look like speck.

If you see yellowish egg cases or even a single roach, you must perform a thorough search of your home. It will assist you in assessing whether or not you have an infestation.


Peridomestic Roaches

Indoor and outdoor roaches are known as peridomestic roaches. They are capable of surviving in any climate. However, some species, such as the American roach, tend to live indoors. When the weather becomes too hot, cold, or dry for them, peridomestic cockroaches may migrate indoors.

These roaches are difficult to monitor and an infestation inside the house means the situation is worse outside. As a result, pest control should begin on the outside and work its way inside. If you don’t, the outside roaches will crawl back into the home, causing another infestation.

The most popular types of peridomestic roaches are listed below.

• American roaches

• Smoky brown cockroach

• Oriental cockroach

American Roaches

Do not be tricked by the name into believing that American roaches are native to the United States of America. Their roots can be found in Africa and the Middle East. It is one of the most commonly found cockroaches in homes. This species is unusually wide, reaching lengths of up to two inches.

Dark brown in color, the American roach likes to hide in warm, dark places. They’re most likely to be found in dark corners of hot rooms and basements. They, like other cockroaches, tend to live in areas where food and water are abundant.

They multiply quickly, and after mating, the female will produce a sack of 16 eggs. These cockroaches have an unusual trait in that they will continue to produce fertilized eggs even though they are not mated.

Smoky Brown Cockroach

The Smoky Brown Cockroach prefers to spend the majority of its time outside. However, they can also be found in basements and other damp areas of the building. Sewer lines and firewood logs allow them to reach your home.

Brown smokiness Stacks of exposed trash and dirty water attract roaches. They can fly over short distances, which is a fascinating fact about them. Indoor lights also attract them, and they can reach the house through window cracks.

Since Smoky brown roaches live in basements and prefer dark areas, deciding whether you have an infestation can be difficult. They will only become an infestation if they are drawn to your home’s lights or if there is stagnant water in certain places.

Oriental Cockroach

They’re known as water bugs because they live in flooded areas. They have an oval shape and a gleaming black finish. Their roots can be traced back to Africa, and they can exceed a length of one inch. Males and females are almost identical, but their appearances are vastly different.

Males have small wings that reveal part of their backs, while females have wing pads instead of wings. Because of the chemicals they produce while interacting with one another, they have a distinct odor.

It is the only kind of house roach that can be detected by smelling it. You’ll note their dark red eggs, which are around 8 to 10 mm long, during an infestation of these roaches.

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They dislike cold temperatures, such as those encountered during the winter. In certain cases, you’ll find them near sewers. They crawl up the drain into your sink throughout the night. During the day, they prefer moist conditions and are usually found in groups.

Preventive Measures for House Cockroaches

Sanitation is the only standard preventive measure for all forms of household cockroaches. It is a crucial procedure to follow in order to keep an infestation under control. Always make sure there are no unkempt areas in your home.

The region should be disinfected and any stagnant water should be dried up. It would be best if you closed any gaps that could cause roaches to invade our home. Often shut the curtain and turn off excessive lights at night.

Since most of these roaches, particularly the oriental cockroach, are water-dependent, make sure there is no standing water in the dark corners of your home or basement. If you know you have an infestation, act quickly to contain it and keep it from spreading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why have roaches unexpectedly appeared in my home?

The most popular form of house cockroach lives in filthy places where there is food and water. They’ve found their way into your home because it offers ideal conditions for them to flourish. Maintain a high standard of sanitation and hygiene at all times.

Cockroaches are attracted to homes for a number of reasons.

Food crumbs from filthy utensils and the floor attract cockroaches. Insects are drawn to moist, spongy environments, and they make ideal breeding grounds for them. Always make an effort to dispose of trash as much as possible.

What forms of cockroaches are found in homes?

The German cockroach is the most common household inhabitant. It’s also one of the most difficult to eradicate. Blue Banded roaches, American roaches, Smoky Brown roaches, and Oriental cockroaches are among the others.

There are only five common forms of household cockroaches out of all the species on the planet. Almost all of them are African natives who came to America centuries ago through trading activities and slavery. The domestic and peridomestic cockroaches are the two types of cockroaches.

Regardless of their physical distinctions, sanitation is the most effective way to avoid an infestation. Since peridomestic organisms may also infest the outside of your home, different mechanisms apply.

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