What are Cockroaches Afraid of?

What are Cockroaches Afraid of?You’re sitting peacefully in your basement, working on an amazing idea, when a perplexing visitor scuttles you, causing havoc with your workspace.

Of course, you become angry, but you are still frightened, so you must take a calculated risk. It gets much worse when you find out it’s a cockroach. What was the source of it?

The roach is one of humanity’s most hated insects. They appear when you least expect it, and since we have a mindset of how dangerous these insects are, we get chills just thinking about them.

In order to get rid of them, you must first determine what cockroaches are afraid of. It’s critical to understand what frightens them, since even a single one might signal the start of a major infestation.

What are Cockroaches Afraid of?


So, if you’ve ever wondered why cockroaches are so scary, now is the time to learn more about what terrifies them. In this post, we’ll learn what scares roaches away so that we can get rid of them and prevent infestations.

What Plants Do Roaches Loathe?

Nature has always been so good to us, offering better options when we need to use harmful means to address an issue while keeping in mind the negative implications for our health and the climate. Cockroaches are unruly insects that defy even the most efficient pest control methods.

However, some plants have long been used as roach repellents and have shown to be very effective. Let’s take a look at the plants that cockroaches despise.

Bay Leaves

You probably use bay leaves as a seasoning in your favorite dishes, but you might not realize that they are also an effective roach repellent. Bay leaves should be planted in flower pots and positioned strategically in your home, such as near the kitchen window or the bathroom. Bring it inside and position it near your appliances and other places where roaches are likely to breed.

Pyrethrum Plant

Pyrethrum is a plant that is used to produce insecticides, as most of you are aware. When the flowers of this plant are crushed, pyrethrin is made, which is used in most insecticides. This plant is despised by roaches because it kills not only them but the whole insect family.

Hedge Apple 

This vine, which is often found in rural areas, is an excellent roach bait. The roaches are drawn to the plant by the rotting scent it emits, and once they crush the fruit, the citrus-like flesh kills them. The Osage orange is how most people refer to it.


Roaches, without a doubt, despise this herb. It’s extremely effective, particularly when combined with its oil. Soak your mop in citronella oil and wipe down your work surfaces, cupboard interiors, and, if possible, the concrete.

Many more herbs and essential oils derived from plants, such as peppermint, catnip, and citrus, are discussed separately.

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German cockroach

What Noises Do Roaches Detest?

The majority of people, particularly those who are afraid of cockroaches, scream when they are startled by one. The roach vanishes into thin air in an instant. Since roaches don’t have ears, this phenomenon is very perplexing. Instead, they have other senses that assist them in interacting with their surroundings.

As a consequence, the question of what sound roaches despise arises. It’s a difficult question to answer. However, analysis is seldom late. Scientists have devised a more effective method of using sound as a roach repellent.

Ultrasonic Waves

High-frequency sound waves are used in this technology to repel cockroaches and other household pests. The volume of the sound is so loud that it confuses the roaches and is sometimes said to kill them. Despite the fact that this technology has its detractors, the safest solution is to try out one of the gadgets for yourself.

I would suggest the Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Home Kit for your apartment based on feedback and ratings. Other repellents are sticky and leave strong odors, but this Electric repellent promises toxic-free efficacy while being completely safe and simple to use.

Not only will it scare away the roaches, but it will also deter any other pests from entering your home. If you want to go green, this is a product you can look into.

Do Roaches Fear Dogs?

Dogs have been referred to as man’s best friend throughout history. They keep us safe and, most importantly, provide much-needed companionship when we’re lonely. Dogs are highly sensitive and alert, and they, like cats, can respond to suspicious behavior. Most household rodents, such as mice, despise dogs, and cockroaches are no exception.

To begin with, dogs are enormous and intimidating, and cockroaches can’t stand something larger than themselves. I’m sure you’ve noticed how they immediately go into hiding when you step into a room. Dogs have a similar reaction to roaches. Perhaps worse, dogs will go after the roach, growling or barking.

The roaches become panicked as a result of the noise’s vibrations. While dogs might not be able to fully keep roaches out of your home or apartment, their presence is enough to push them into hiding.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it possible for cockroaches to detect human fear?

Knowing whether or not roaches can sense your fear necessitates understanding how you articulate your fear. Their reaction is primarily dictated by how you react. As a result, if you show your terror by yelling aloud, the noises will undoubtedly startle the roach, causing it to flee for its life.

Is it true that sound deters roaches?

Ultrasonic sound waves are extremely strong sound waves that deter roaches. The sound of humans conversing or a barking dog is enough to frighten the roach away. They’ll stay in hiding until the coast is clear and there’s no more sound in the area. Yes, roaches can be deterred by sound.

Is it possible for dogs to detect roaches?

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, and given the eminent odor of roaches, it’s difficult for them to ignore them. Since roaches are quiet animals, it may be difficult for you to spot them, but your dog has acute hearing, so it can sense the roach as it moves or grumbles over food.

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It never ceases to amaze me what roaches despise. Surprisingly, roaches still manage to get by and adapt to their surroundings. These methods are frequently effective, particularly when plants are used to scare the roaches. Cockroaches have been shown to be repellent to live plants and their oil extracts.

Electric ultrasound repellents, for example, are a newer technology that has shown some promise. As we all know, technology is the way of the future, and with better testing and innovations, pesticides will become obsolete.

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