Lotions that Repel Mosquito

Summer is an excellent time to spend quality time outdoors with friends and family. When you arrange a get-together in the open, a barbeque party in your backyard, or a campfire night in the woods, it’s even better.

However, while the warmer months can be a lot of fun for the moment, they also leave you a lot more vulnerable to mosquito bites. As terrifying as it may sound, you don’t have to give in to these vexing bloodsuckers.


Because mosquito repellent body lotions that repel mosquito allow you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bug bites throughout the summer months.

Lotions that Repel Mosquito

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3 Best Mosquito Repellent Lotions

1. Insect Repellent Sawyer Picaridin

When I first tried Sawyer Picaridin insect repellent, I was completely sold away. It’s now my top recommendation for anyone looking for a long-lasting insect repellent.

This DEET-free, fragrance-free lotion provides 8 hours of protection against flies and gnats while also providing up to 14 hours of full protection against mosquitoes.

It makes no difference what kind of mosquito bites you want to avoid. Sawyer Picaridin repellent is effective against a variety of mosquitos, including West Nile, Zika, and Dengue viruses.

While the Sawyer Picaridin generates a coating that changes your skin’s aroma to make it unappealing to mosquitoes, it doesn’t have a terrible odor. The aroma isn’t horrible, based on my experience with the lotion.

And I’d give it five stars right away. It’s also thick, which means it has a longer-lasting effect with a single application.

Using this product has at least two disadvantages. To begin with, the lotion’s thickness means you’ll need a lot of it to cover your entire body, practically a hand full. Second, you must wash your hands for up to two minutes, which some individuals may find excessive.

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2. Insect Repellent Lotion Ultrathon

Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion is a low-cost but efficient insect repellent. It includes roughly 34% DEET, which provides the best protection against various pest bites.

In terms of mosquito repulsion, this product acts as a barrier against a variety of mosquito species, particularly those that transmit Dengue fever, Zika virus, and West Nile virus.

This lotion’s innovative controlled and time-release technologies can provide protection for up to 12 hours from a single application, allowing you to enjoy various outdoor activities without fear of mosquito bites during the summer months.

Because it’s water and sweat proof, you’ll enjoy the Ultrathon lotion. That implies that even if you sweat a lot or participate in water sports during the summer, the impact of a single application will remain longer.

Although the perfume of Ultrathon insect repellent lotion may not be your favorite, it is so nice that you may not realize it is a bug spray at first. Furthermore, you don’t need to use a lot of it to achieve the optimum benefits; a small amount goes a long way in providing optimal mosquito protection.

The only drawback you may encounter with this product at first is a little chemical odor, which you won’t notice right away.

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3. Greenways Organic 2-in-1 Body Lotion

If you prefer spending time outside during the hot summer months, you’ll benefit from a bug spray that provides the protection you need to extend your outdoor experiences.

In that scenario, the Greenways body lotion would be a good option.

It’s a two-in-one organic body lotion with efficient protective formulations. The lotion is free of chemicals found in some popular sunscreens, has an SPF of 30, and contains harmless zinc oxide to provide optimal protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet radiation.

Furthermore, the lotion contains active eugenol, an organic substance that replaces DEET and provides full insect protection.

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The Greenways body lotion is safe to use as a sunscreen and mosquito repellant due to the uniform blend of natural components. It is suitable for both adults and children due to its organic ingredients.

This organic body lotion does not leave your skin greasy or sticky after use, unlike many DEET and paraben-filled lotions and sprays.

Unfortunately, the water resistance of this organic lotion is short-lived. If you’re going to participate in water activities or sweat a lot during the summer, you’ll need to reapply the lotion every 80 minutes.

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FAQ: Lotions that Repel Mosquito

Can mosquito repellent creams make me smell bad?

No, mosquito repellent creams aren’t going to make you stink. While they have scents that bugs despise, you will not detect them.

However, keep in mind that certain lotions may have a slight chemical odor, which will dissipate quickly after use.

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In a bug repellent lotion, how safe is DEET?

The overuse of DEET products is the most common cause of documented instances associated to DEET.

DEET in mosquito repellent lotion is perfectly safe, according to a Consumer Report investigation, as long as the product is used as indicated.

Is it possible to use bug spray instead of lotion?

Bug sprays, rather than lotions, can be used to protect oneself against mosquito bites.

They’re easier to use than lotions because all you have to do is press the cap of the bottle to apply the fluid to the body sections you want to protect.

To get the most out of the spray, make sure you follow the directions exactly.

Is it safe for babies to use insect repellent lotions?

Mosquito repellent creams should not be applied to babies under the age of two months, according to the DC.

While you are free to use the lotion to your child’s skin after they are 2 months old or older, it should not contain more than 30% DEET.

I strongly advise you to choose lotions made entirely of natural ingredients for optimal safety.

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